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Design Style: Contemporary

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed learning about modern design last week! This week I am going over the contemporary design style, which is very similar to the modern design. I will explain the differences between the two styles, as a lot of people have a hard time identifying these.

Contemporary design is typically identified by the use of curved and rounded lines. You will find softer lines here rather than the sharp lines you see in modern design. Another aspect of contemporary design is the use of bold colors. Usually there will be a combination of neutral colors with pops of bright colors added throughout the room. You might find the color on pillows, rugs, or the artwork. Of course the color can be added anywhere, but this is usually where I see it the most. I think of this style as the "funky one", I don't know if this will help you remember, but it definitely helps me! As you look through these images, can you see how this style differs slightly from the modern look?

Adorable Home

Interiors by Agostino's

Interiors by Agostino's

Design Shop Interiors What are your thoughts on the contemporary style? As I said, it is pretty similar to the modern style, but it contains a bit more color and the softer lines. If you are someone who likes a little color, but a modern feel, then this might be the style for you! I hope you enjoyed learning about contemporary design, I will be back next week with the farmhouse style. See you then!

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