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Design Style: Eclectic

Welcome back for another week, and another style in the design style series...Eclectic! Now this is a really fun and funky style if you ask me, I think it can be hard to pull off, but the end result is wonderful! There is a lot of color, pattern, texture, and variety in the pieces used. The eclectic style is basically a mixture of styles and design periods with a combination of colors, textures, patterns, shapes, and finishes. So lets go ahead and break these aspects down further.

The colors really do vary, you can stick with neutral wall colors, or you can go very bold. However, you want to make sure that your walls do not take away from the elements in the furniture and decor. When it comes to the pattern and texture, you will usually find a few different fabrics that are used throughout the room. You might see a neutral color on the sofa, but the pillows, and accent pieces will give the room this major pop of color, texture, and pattern. It is important to have at least a couple neutral colors, this way you can tie all of the other colors together. Like I said, this style can be really difficult to pull off, but if you can tie your brighter colors back to the neutrals, it'll give the style the balance it needs. Are you ready to see this fun and funky style?! I have never had an issue identifying this specific design, and I think you will see why in the photos!

Elle Decor: Christian Siriano

Fieldstone Hill Design

Black & Spiro Interior Design

Popsugar Now is this style fun or what?! I think the end result of the eclectic style is really something incredible. I don't know about you, but when I think about mixing a bunch of colors together, I have a hard time thinking it would look okay. But as you can see in these photos, the combination of color, pattern, and texture is so neat! Join me next week for the final design style, transitional...see you then!

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