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Design Style: Modern

I hope you enjoyed reading about and viewing the traditional style, I am going to switch gears and tell you about the modern design style this week! These two styles are clearly very different from one another, let me show and tell you why.

The modern designs utilize a minimalist perspective...think less is more here! There is an absence of decoration, and more focus on the architecture of the design. You will notice with modern styles, there are very clean lines and geometric shapes are visible throughout the room.

Some elements that are seen in modern design typically include shelving that is built into the wall, rather than an actual shelf that protrudes out from the wall. This helps to maintain the geometric shape of the room. Another aspect is a lack of molding along windows, doors, and walls. You saw in the traditional style, that there is intricate molding along most all walls so this is a huge difference! One more element that I wanted to touch on was the use of open floor plans. Below are some images of modern designs in homes, as you look, try to see if you spot the elements I mentioned!

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