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Small Space Design

This week is all about designing small spaces! There are many tips and tricks that can be used while working with a small space, so I want to share some with you! I can't claim any of these ideas as my own, but I have gathered them throughout the years from various sources.

Start by knowing the scale of your room, in a small living room, an oversized sofa and chairs will make your space look crammed. However, if you use smaller furniture, it will look great as it will fit the scale of the room. This eclectic style living room is a great example of using the correct scale! The exposed legs on the accent chairs also makes the room feel less cluttered.

Unique Interior Styles This next small space is a beautiful, cozy living room that incorporates coastal and rustic design elements. As you can see, the room has built in shelving on both sides of the television, as well as a built in bench. The utilization of vertical space on this wall helps to elongate the room, making it seem larger. This is a very functional design for the small space. The built in bench provides extra seating without taking up the space of two chairs. I love the creativity behind this design! Another element that I wanted to point out in this image is the light walls and furniture. Having a lighter color palette can make your room look larger than it really is as opposed to dark walls and furniture.

Unique Interior Styles Below are a few more images of small spaces that I personally love! I hope you enjoy them as well!

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