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Time for Fall

I don't know about you, but fall is my favorite season for many reasons! The beautiful weather, changing leaves, apple cider, scarves, pumpkin spice lattes....and the list goes on! So because we have entered into the fall season, I wanted to talk about a few ways for you to bring the fall feel into your home.

One way to transform your home is to change or add some toss pillows that you may have on your chairs and sofa. I personally think plaid fabric looks beautiful in the fall, and I actually love cool colors in fall plaid patterns! However, you have the freedom to choose your colors here, so pick your favorite color in a plaid. I love blue, so here is an example of a plaid pillow that I would place on my sofa.

Wheeler's Furniture: Rowe sofa & fabric

Next, you can add or swap out your throws for your furniture. I think adding a throw to a sofa can really transform the look of the piece. If you have a neutral colored sofa, then throw (no pun intended) a patterned throw on it! Same goes for the throw when it comes to the color, you choose whatever color you think looks best in your home! You do not necessarily have to add reds, browns, and oranges to "fall-ify" your home, you can use a darker shade of any color.

Studio McGee

Luxxu Modern Design and Living

Another trend that I have seen recently is the use of velvet accent chairs in your home. Now if you don't have the budget or space to go out and purchase a new chair, you can always find a velvet toss pillow to give you a similar effect! I love the hunter green shade, so I would recommend going with a deeper green here to get more of a fall feel. I don't know about you, but when I see the green and brown tones together, it definitely makes me feel like fall has arrived!

Suburban Bees

Lastly, you can find LOTS of ideas on Pinterest when it comes to fall decorations, so I'll let you have fun creating your fall decor boards! I don't think I could compete with all of the incredible pumpkin ideas on Pinterest, so I'll leave it to them to fulfill the DIY projects. That is all for now, happy fall ya'll!

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